Insights #1 report

Insights #1 report

Insights Report – November 2020

Key findings 

Summary of the key findings from each individual chapter. 


An overview of the study’s purpose and design.


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1. Mental health of Australian males

Sonia Terhaag, Brendan Quinn, Neha Swami and Galina Daraganova
Report — September 2020

Focusing on the mental health of men of different ages and their health care use, this chapter explores depression among males of all ages, the prevalence of suicide, and how loneliness may affect these experiences.

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2. Alcohol use among Australian males

Brendan Quinn, Neha Swami, Sonia Terhaag and Galina Daraganova
Report — October 2020

This chapter uses data from Waves 1 and 2 of Ten to Men to explore lifetime and ‘recent’ (past year) consumption of alcohol among Australian males. It looks at frequency of alcohol use, experience of alcohol-related consequences, and factors associated with more harmful patterns of use.

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3. Overweight and obesity among Australian males

Neha Swami, Brendan Quinn, Sonia Terhaag and Galina Daraganova
Report — October 2020

This chapter uses Ten to Men data to assess the prevalence and some risk factors for overweight and obesity among Australian boys and men. It also examines persistence and changes in weight status, and the possible effects of overweight and obesity on certain physical health outcomes among adult men.

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4. Health literacy and health service use among Australian men

Neha Swami, Sonia Terhaag, Brendan Quinn and Galina Daraganova
Report — November 2020

This chapter looks at health care use among Australian men. It focuses on beliefs about and preferences of health and service engagement, common health information sources, types of services accessed and barriers to engagement. An improved understanding of these areas can help address gaps in service use and provision and promote better health outcomes among Australian men.

The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health Insights Report #1

Publication details

Insights Report
Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies, November 2020
Suggested citation:

Book citation: Daraganova, G., & Quinn, B. (Eds.). (2020). Insights #1: Findings from Ten to Men – The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health 2013-16. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

Example chapter citation: Terhaag, S., Quinn, B., Swami, N., & Daraganova, G. (2020). Mental Health of Australian Males. In G. Daraganova & B. Quinn (Eds.), Insights #1: Findings from Ten to Men – The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health 2013-16. Melbourne: Australian Institute of Family Studies.

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