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Insights Reports

Ten to Men Insights reports showcase the breadth of data collected for the study and disseminate its findings in an accessible format to diverse audiences, including health care providers, the general public, researchers and policy makers. These publications aim to address research gaps, provide a broad overview of the health of males in Australia, and highlight specific concerns affecting this group, especially in relation to priority areas outlined in the National Men’s Health Strategy 2020-2030.

  • Insights Reports #1 was the first major publication of Ten to Men findings to be produced by AIFS after the study transitioned to the Institute from the University of Melbourne in 2017. Using data from the first two waves of the study, it comprises four empirical chapters with distinct topics covering issues relating to: mental health, alcohol use, overweight and obesity, and health literacy and health service use among Australian males.
  • Insights Reports #2 was released in 2022. This is the first report to use all three waves of published Ten to Men data. The report covers issues relating to: mental health, substance abuse, gambling and natural disasters.

Major reports

  • Social connectedness among Australian males 
    Research presented in this Ten to Men Major Report produced by AIFS in 2021, sits under the overarching theme of Social Connectedness among adult Australian males. Across five empirical chapters, data from Waves 1 and 2 of data collection were used to investigate subjective and objective indicators of self-perceived social support, attachment relationships and community integration. Health and wellbeing outcomes are examined, and factors associated with greater levels of social connectedness are identified.

Major report 2012 [Word, 264 KB]

Major report 2013 [Word, 557 KB]

Major report 2015 [Word, 920 KB]

Major report 2016 [Word, 586 KB]

Ten to Men data in use

Annual reports

Annual report 2012 [PDF, 323 KB]

Annual report 2013 [PDF, 200 KB]

Annual report 2014 [PDF, 1.8 MB]

Annual report 2015 [PDF, 523 KB]

Annual report 2016 [PDF, 297 KB]

Annual report 2017 [PDF, 620 KB]

Other reports

  • Pathways to impact report 2021 [PDF 3.17 MB]
    This report provides details of what the study has achieved, and the impactful nature of these activities from mid-2018 to September 2021.

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