Text description: Wave 4 Survey

Insights from the research so far

  • The Ten to Men study collects and analyses information from thousands of men like you across Australia. Study participants' results are combined to make important discoveries about men's health and wellbeing.
  • Results from 2020-21 Ten to Men survey indicated:
  • Bushfires were the most prevalent natural disaster experienced by males (13%) in the last two years.
  • Around one in four Australian men who gamble are at risk of gambling harm.
  • Men who recently looked for information about health most commonly sought it from the internet (66%), then a doctor or health care provider (22%).
  • 1/3 of cigarette smokers in 2015/16 had quit by 2020/21.
  • 81% of men without depressive symptoms in 2015/16 remained so in 2020/21, showing that relatively good mental health can persist over time.  

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