New participants


Hello, are you new here? If you’ve received a call, SMS or letter about participating in the Ten to Men study, or you have just submitted your survey and are looking for more information – you’re in the right place!

The Ten to Men story

Thousands of Australian males have been participating in Ten to Men since 2013, and the study's success is thanks to their valuable, ongoing contributions. Next year (2023) will mark the 10-year anniversary of Ten to Men, and we’re proud to be a part of such a significant Australian health study.

This year we’re excited to be expanding the number of participants in the study. To do this, we have extended an invitation to a random sample of males aged 18-55 years old all over Australia. If you have recently joined the study through this call out, we’re thrilled to have you on board as part of the next Ten to Men chapter.

How can my participation help?

With more participants in the study, researchers and policy makers will be able to draw upon data from an even larger and diverse group of Australian men to discover more about general male health, wellbeing, and lifestyles. Study findings can continue to inform policy and practice changes to improve services and programs supporting male health in Australia and into the future.

What’s next?

We will be in contact soon. We hope you will continue to take part in the study to help us (and your fellow participants) tell the story of male health in Australia.

Until then, know that you are part of an important national study that’s supporting Australian males to live healthier lives!

Helpful documents

The study brochures provided at the start of your recent online survey, are available for your reference:

Want more info?

Head over to our Information for participants page to learn more about what being a Ten to Men participant is all about.

Confidentiality and Privacy explained

Everything you need to know about Ten to Men’s privacy commitment.


Download the Confidentiality and Privacy explained [PDF, 2.4 MB]

Welcome to the study

Featured image used in the Study Information brochure. Image contains a montage of men of different ages and races.

Information for participants new to the Ten to Men study

Download the Study Information Brochure [PDF, 6.0 MB]