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Ten to Men is the first study of its kind in Australia and has been designed in partnership with the National Male Health Policy. This means that outcomes from this study work directly towards improving the health and lifestyles of men in Australia.

Ten to Men participants are selected from Australia’s male population. Every one of our approximately 15,000 survey participants help us to make important discoveries.

So if you are one of our participants – Thank you! Your ongoing participation is vital to the success of the study.

Stay in touch by keeping us informed of any changes to your personal information (e.g. new address, email or phone number) online, by calling 1800 019 606 or by emailing

All Ten to Men participants receive regular updates about survey waves and an annual print newsletter with study news and research highlights.

What happens with your information?

Your individual results are combined with other participants’ results before they are analysed. Individual participant data is never shared or released. All participants are protected by strict State and Commonwealth privacy laws, with oversight from an independent Ethics Committee.

Confidentialised (meaning unable to be traced back to an individual) findings from the study are entirely public, and shared with policy makers and health professionals to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of Australian men and boys. The media frequently report on our research.

Ten to Men supports important men’s health initiatives such as Movember, and Beyond Blue and the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Your participation in Ten to Men research may have helped these causes.

Ten to Men does not directly offer advice or health services. If you have any immediate concerns about your health or mental health – or those of someone else – please contact one of the services on our men’s health services list.

Insights from the research so far

Based on Ten to Men surveys, we have found that:

  • A relationship breakup increases the risk of men starting to use alcohol or using it more, as well as starting to use marijuana and other illicit drugs.
  • Becoming a father for the first time is associated with several positive changes, including a lower risk of developing depression and drinking to excess, and, for ex-smokers, a higher likelihood of staying off cigarettes.
  • Compared to men living in major cities, men living in towns and regional centres are more likely to develop a physical health condition or anxiety.
  • Living in a socio-economically disadvantaged area increases the risk of men developing depression and anxiety.

More study findings are available on the Research findings page.

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Meet two of our study advisors, read the latest study update, and discover new findings from the most recent survey in Issue #2 of our Ten to Men participant newsletter [PDF, 2.88 MB].