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Did you know that you are one of around 15,000 randomly selected participants chosen to represent and communicate real health and wellbeing outcomes for ALL men living in Australia? Due to the nature of longitudinal surveys, your contribution to the Ten to Men study truly is one of a kind. 

Insights from the research so far:

The Ten to Men study collects and analyses information from thousands of men and boys like you from across Australia. Your individual results are combined with other study participants’ results to make important discoveries about men’s health and wellbeing.

Based on previous Ten to Men surveys we have found that:

  • A relationship breakup increases the risk of men starting to use alcohol or using it more, as well as starting to use marijuana and other illicit drugs.
  • Becoming a father for the first time is associated with several positive changes, including a lower risk of developing depression and drinking to excess, and, for ex-smokers, a higher likelihood of staying off cigarettes.
  • Compared to men living in major cities, men living in towns and regional centres are more likely to develop a physical health condition or anxiety.
  • Living in a socio-economically disadvantaged area increases the risk of men developing depression and anxiety.

These findings can be used by policy and other decision makers, practitioners and men’s health advocates to promote and protect the health and wellbeing of Australian males.

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