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  • Why is the study called ‘Ten to Men’?
    Ten to Men is the short name for the study and refers to the age range of the boys and men in the study – 10-years-old up to adult men. It also points to the fact that the study will be following participants over time as the 10-year-old boys grow into men.

  • Who is in the study?
    Only men and boys living in the areas that were randomly selected were eligible to join. Areas were randomly chosen to ensure that the study group includes men and boys with a broad range of backgrounds and life experiences.

  • What kinds of questions were asked in the Wave 1 survey?
    We think that health is related to all aspects of a person's life including lifestyle and environmental factors. To help understand those relationships the survey included questions on a whole range of social and environmental factors, for example, age, ethnic background, social roles (i.e. fatherhood, work), education and income, and the environments boys and men live, work or study in. Lifestyle factors that the survey covered include nutrition, physical activity, smoking, alcohol and drug use, sexual behaviour, life satisfaction, relationships, and health service use.

    Some questions differed depending on age group as boys and men of different ages have different lifestyles and experience different health conditions.

    View the questionnaires here.

  • Who has funded this study?
    The study is funded by the Australian Government Department of Health.

  • Who is running the study?
    The study is being conducted by researchers at the Australian Institute of Family Studies. Roy Morgan Research was contracted to carry out the Wave 1 data collection.

  • Has this study been approved by an ethics committee?
    Yes. The first two waves of the study were approved by the University of Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee. From 2018, the study will be overseen by the Australian Institute of Family Studies Human Research Ethics Committee.

  • Is participation voluntary?
    Yes, you can leave the study at any time. If you are thinking about leaving please complete the online form at Contact Us. A member of the study team will then get in touch with you.
    Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 019 606.

  • Why do we want to access information about participants from Medicare and other health data sources?
    Linking the survey answers to other data gives a fuller picture of health – such as the use of health services, especially in times between surveys. Adding this other information also means we can make the survey shorter as we don't need to ask participants to provide it.

  • What about the privacy and confidentiality of the information provided?
    The study is bound by State and Commonwealth privacy laws and we have set up a range of procedures to protect the privacy and confidentiality of participants.
  • Personal information that identifies you, such as name, date of birth, Medicare number and address is separated from your survey responses and from any health data we get from other sources. 

  • Personal information is not shared with anyone else and only authorised members of the study team have access. Likewise, your survey and health information from other sources are available only to authorised researchers.

If you have any complaints about the way your personal information is handled, these may be investigated by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner who has the power to award compensation if appropriate.

  • What should I do if I move, change my contact details or name?
    It is important that we have accurate contact information so we can find you when it is time for the next round of the study. If you change your name, address, phone number or email please let us know by going to the Update Your Details page and filling in the online form.
    Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 019 606. Your changes will be processed by the study team and we may contact you to confirm the changes. 

  • What if I want to make a complaint about the study?
    Please complete the online form at Contact Us giving details of your complaint. You will be contacted by a member of the study team regarding your complaint.
    Alternatively, you can call us on 1800 019 606.
  • Why were parents asked to participate?
    When they joined the study we asked a parent or guardian of boys who were aged 10 to 14 years a few of the questions that their son would probably not be able to answer. For example, the boys may not know about health conditions diagnosed by a doctor, health services use, family background and environment.

  • Is parents' health information from other sources added as well?
    No. We only asked for additional information regarding your son's health.