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Data Documentation



ICON Wave 1Questionnaires    

W1 Adults Questionnaire (18-55 years)

W1 Young Men Questionnaire (15-17 years)

W1 Boys Questionnaire (10-14 years)

W1 Parent Questionnaire Part A

W1 Parent Questionnaire Part B

Data Dictionary

Wave 1 DataDictionary    

Questionnaire data from all Ten to Men participants is combined in a single dataset.

The Ten to Men Wave 1 Data Dictionary provide analysts with information on the structure and coding of the variables that make up the Wave 1 questionnaire dataset.

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Data Books

Wave 1 DataBooks    

The Data Books summarise the information collected from study participants in the Wave 1 Questionnaires.

W1 Adults Data Book (18-55 years)

W1 Young Men Data Book (14-17 years)

W1 Boys (10-14 years) & Parents
Data Book





Data User Manual

The Ten to Men Data User Manual provides information on using the data, including: 

  • variable naming conventions;
  • missing data conventions;
  • adjusting for sample design;
  • how to use sample weights; and
  • summary of the survey design and data collection procedures.

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ICON DataUserManual

Questionnaire Sources and Permissions

A downloadable database of measures and/or sources used in the Ten to Men participant questionnaires in Wave 1 and 2.

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 ICON Wave 1 2QuestSourcesPermissions