Webinar 1: Using the Data from Ten to Men

Webinar 1: Using the Data from Ten to Men

Dinusha Bandara, Brendan Quinn and Leanne Howell

This first webinar will provide an overview of the Ten to Men study, helping data users to navigate and use the datasets and supporting resources.


Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health is a national research initiative that seeks to understand why males tend to have poorer health outcomes than females, and why there is disparity between health outcomes amongst Australian males. The study’s mission is to build the evidence base in order to inform the development of policy and programs aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of Australian boys and men.

Being a longitudinal study, the research team returns to the same participants every few years, so we can see how changing life stages and circumstances have an effect over time. Once we have collected the data, it is essential that researchers, students, academics, policy-makers, and others who need to, are able to access the datasets and use them in their work.

Ten to Men datasets are available for free to research projects that serve the public good, are scientifically and ethically sound, and contribute to the knowledge base on male health. See Data access and usage for more details.

A full recording of the webinar and related resources, including slides, audio and a transcript, will be published soon. Please subscribe to our newsletter to receive a notification when these resources are available.

The webinars will cover:

  • Introducing the Ten to Men study
  • Sampling methods
  • Cohort and overview of data
  • Data linkage

The Webinar time is Australian Eastern Daylight Time. Find your time zone. We encourage you to test your system before the webinar, and read our Frequently Asked Questions.

About the presenters

Dinusha Bandara

Dinusha is a statistician responsible for the management of longitudinal study data and analytics at AIFS. She has a multidisciplinary background with extensive experience in statistical consulting, data governance, data linkage and integration. She is the data manager for the Ten to Men study. 

Brendan Quinn

Brendan is an epidemiologist with extensive experience conducting multidisciplinary public health research in Australia and internationally. As a Research Fellow at AIFS, he works primarily on the Institute’s longitudinal studies, including Ten to Men and the Longitudinal Study of Australian Children.

Leanne Howell

Leanne is a senior data officer in the Data Management and Linkage team. Over the last year, she has been involved with preparing the Ten to Men data, data resources and supporting documentation for Release 2.1. This has included undertaking confidentialisation, identification and resolving data issues and data linkage activities.

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