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What is Ten to Men?

Ten to Men is a longitudinal study that collects information on the health and wellbeing of males in Australia over time. The data is collected to inform the National Male Health Policy and used to improve programs, services and policies for all Australian males.

What information is collected?

Each wave of Ten to Men contains over 800 variables across more than 30 research domains. They include questions on:

  • physical health
  • mental health
  • tobacco use
  • drug and alcohol use
  • nutrition
  • interpersonal relations
  • life events
  • work satisfaction
  • sexual behaviour
  • access to health services.

View and download the questionnaires or get more information about the research domains and the data dictionary.

Infographic showing what information was collected: Wave 1-Dataset now available; Wave 2 - Dataset now available; Wave 3 - Dataset available September 2021

Ten to Men Participants

Infographic showing TTM wave numbers: Wave 1: Oct 2012-July 2014 – n=16,021; Wave 2: Nov 2015-May 2-16 – 74.5% response rate (n=11,936 N=16,021); Wave 3: July-Dec 2020 – 53.8% response rate (n=7,923 N=14,731) based on preliminary data.

Wave 3 data content

The Wave 3 survey includes new questions on: 

Infographic showing what the Wave 3 survey will include questions on: Gambling; Use of e-cigarettes; Illicit drug use; Gender identity; Generalised anxiety; Relationship quality; Individual income; COVID-19 impact; Natural disaster impact

Wave 3 dataset release is currently planned for September 2021.

Wave 3 Preliminary data

Infographic showing Wave 3 preliminary data: 30% of respondents were affected by a natural disaster in the past 12 months; Employment conditions changed due to COVID-19 for 58% of respondents; 1/3 respondents changed working hours due to C-19 restrictions

Linked data

Many of the Ten to Men participants gave consent for their data to be linked with Medicare Australia data and this is available to approved users. If interested, please contact us for access details.

Graphic symbolising linkage

How to access Ten to Men data

Infographic-Data process: Complete Data Access Request form; Submit form  to the Ten to Men Data Manager; Reviewed by the AIFS Data Access Review Committee; Sign a Data User Agreement and Deed of Confidentiality; Release of data to approved user by ADA*

Find out more information on how to access the Ten to Men datasets.

Access to Wave 3 data

All approved users of Ten to Men Wave 1 and 2 data will be notified when Wave 3 data are available.

The Ten to Men datasets are available at no cost to approved users.


Two webinars were held in November 2019 to provide an opportunity to learn more about the Ten to Men data.

Topics covered included:

  • sample design
  • cohorts
  • data linkage
  • accessing the data
  • examples of the data being used in research.

Recordings of these, including a copy of the presentation slides, are available for free – just contact the Ten to Men team!


Ten to Men publications

The Ten to Men website contains resources and documentation to assist researchers. It also includes a list of all reports and publications using Ten to Men data.

A laptop with the Ten to Men website homepage on the screen

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Data User update

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