Data documentation

This page contains documentation to assist researchers analysing data from Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health. The documentation relates to data from Wave 1 to Wave 4 and was updated in September 2023 following Release 4.0.

  • Data User Guide
    A reference tool for data users, providing information on how to use Ten to Men data, survey methodology, file structure and variable naming conventions.
  • Data Issues Paper
    The Data Issues Paper provides a summary of data-related issues that have been identified in the Ten to Men data.
  • Data books
    The Ten to Men data books summarise the information collected from study participants in the Study questionnaires.
  • Data dictionary
    The data dictionary provides information about the variables in Ten to Men. This includes the variable names, labels, formats, waves and populations.
  • Technical reports
    Papers about various topics on using Ten to Men data, to help users with specific types of data analyses. 
  • Study questionnaires
    Questionnaires used in each of the Ten to Men waves for which data has been released. The questionnaires are annotated with variable names.
  • Guide to Items and Scales
    The Ten to Men Guide to Items and Scales provides data users with contextual information on the scales and items included in the Ten to Men dataset, such as the source, scoring, psychometric information and the rationale for inclusion.