Data documentation

This page contains documentation to assist researchers analysing data from Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health. The documentation was updated in September 2019 following Release 2.1.

  • Data User Guide
    A reference tool for data users, providing information on how to use Ten to Men data, survey methodology, file structure and variable naming conventions.
  • Data Issues Paper
    The Data Issues Paper provides a summary of data-related issues that have been identified in the Ten to Men data.
  • Data books
    The Ten to Men Waves 1–2 data books summarise the information collected from study participants in the Waves 1–2 questionnaires.
  • Data dictionary
    The data dictionary provides information about the variables in Ten to Men. This includes the variable names, labels, formats, waves and populations.
  • Technical reports
    Papers about various topics on using Ten to Men data, to help users with specific types of data analyses. 
  • Study questionnaires
    Questionnaires used in each of the Ten to Men waves for which data has been released. The questionnaires are annotated with variable names.