Data documentation

This page contains documentation to assist researchers analysing Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health data. It includes technical reports, a data user manual, survey instruments and data dictionaries.

Data User Manual

The Ten to Men Data User Manual provides information on using the data, including:

  • variable naming conventions
  • missing data conventions
  • adjusting for sample design
  • how to use sample weights
  • summary of the survey design and data collection procedures.

Download Ten to Men Data User Manual [PDF, 540 KB]

Technical reports

Waves 1–2: Questionnaire Sources and Permissions

Ten to Men’s Questionnaire Sources and Permissions is a database of measures and sources used in the participant questionnaires in Waves 1 and 2.

Download Questionnaire Sources and Permissions [XLS 91 KB]

Wave 1 documentation


Data Dictionary

Questionnaire data from all Ten to Men participants is combined in a single dataset.

The Ten to Men Wave 1 Data Dictionary provides analysts with information on the structure and coding of the variables that make up the Wave 1 questionnaire dataset.

Wave 1 Data Dictionary [XLS 251 KB]

Data books

The Ten to Men Wave 1 data books summarise the information collected from study participants in the Wave 1 questionnaires.

Wave 2 questionnaires