Data access and usage

Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health is funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government Department of Health to contribute to the public good thorough research into male health.

Ten to Men data are available to research projects that serve the public good, are scientifically and ethically sound, and contribute to the knowledge base on male health.

Who can apply?

Researchers (including post-graduate students) affiliated with a university, recognised research institute or government department are eligible to apply to access and use Ten to Men data.

How to apply

Please review the attached data access policy documents and forms. To return the forms or request further information, email:

Data access documents and forms

Data Access Policy [PDF, 232 KB]

Data Access Use T&C [PDF, 191 KB]

Data Access Request Form [PDF, 949 KB]

Data Access Amendment Form [PDF, 327 KB]

Approved projects

At the end of 2019, 32 research projects were approved to access and use Ten to Men data. The attached document lists all projects approved as at end 2019, their purpose, lead investigator and responsible organisation. The range of research topics is indicative of the uses to which Ten to Men data are put.

Approved projects [PDF, 217 KB]

Related information

Researchers / data users with access to Ten to Men data, see Data documentation for technical reports, manuals, data dictionaries etc.