Study team

Ten to Men: The Australian Longitudinal Study on Male Health is being conducted by the Longitudinal and Lifecourse Studies team at the Australian Institute of Family Studies (AIFS) on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Health. The team is structured around three main areas of expertise: survey methodology, data management and linkage, and research and analysis.

The Ten to Men Study team is guided by the National Men's Health Strategy 2020-2030 and is supported by the Ten to Men Scientific Advisory Group and the Community Reference Group.

  Position Name
Sean Martin
Program Lead Dr Sean Martin


Survey Methodology team
  Position Name
Jennifer Renda
Senior Manager, Survey Methodology Jennifer Renda
Jessie Dunstan
Manager, Survey Methodology Jessie Dunstan
Karen Biddiscombe
Senior Research Officer Karen Biddiscombe
Beth Thomas-Richards
Project Officer Beth Thomas-Richards
Communication and Respondent engagement
Deborah Louwen
Cohort Manager Deborah Louwen
Bridget Palmer
Senior Project Officer Bridget Palmer


Data Management and Linkage team
  Position Name
Dinusha Bandara
Senior Manager, Data Management and Linkage Dinusha Bandara  
Michelle Silbert
Manager, Data Management and Linkage Michelle Silbert  
Leanne Howell
Senior Data Officer Leanne Howell  
Constantine Gasser
Senior Data Officer Constantine Gasser  


Research and Analysis team
  Position Name
Dr Bosco Rowland
Senior Manager, Research and Analysis Dr Bosco Rowland
Dr Brendan Quinn
Research Fellow Dr Brendan Quinn
Dr Jennifer Prattley
Statistician Dr Jennifer Prattley
Dr Neha Swami
Senior Research Officer Dr Neha Swami
Karlee O'Donnell
Senior Research Officer Karlee O'Donnell
Clement Wong
Senior Research Officer Dr Clement Wong

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For general information on Ten to Men, including the study’s aims and approach, see About the study.