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Evolution of the Ten to Men logo

When management of Ten to Men transitioned to the Australian Institute of Family Studies, there was an opportunity to take this unique and important study into its next phase and beyond with a fresh face. 

The new logo illustrates the evolution of the study under the Australian Institute of Family Studies while incorporating elements of the previous logo that you may recognise.  

  • The cog used in the original logo continues to represent the important part research and evidence play in the improvement of male health in Australia.
  • The three puzzle pieces in the cog represent the life stages of study participants as they get older. Each puzzle piece contributes to the ‘big picture’ of male health in Australia.
  • The transitional colours within each puzzle piece represent the diversity and unique experiences of males within each of the study age groups.
  • The connection between each of the puzzle pieces in the cog illustrates the important ‘mateship’ between study participants and other key stakeholders who contribute towards the study findings to improve health outcomes for boys and men. 

Ten to Men old logo and the new logo

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